Watercolor Portrait

Fine painting art watercolor portrait paintings are custom-painted from photographs to fit your request. Pricing varies depending on the size of the finished piece and the number of figures in the painting.

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Pastel Portraits

Pastel portraits are a unique way to get a 'painterly' affect with a 'drawing' feel. See pricing tab for specific pricing options, and FAQ to see how the portrait process works.

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Charcoal Portrait

Charcoal portraits on white backgrounds make for striking art. Drawn from photographs, pencil portraits can be a portrait in action.

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Fine Art Portraits

Unique hand-painted or drawn portraits are custom artwork created just for you. The options are endless. Created from photographs, use a favorite photo you love, or set a scene and take a photo designed just for a painting.  Your art can be tailored to a general color scheme for a specific room, or a unique size to fit a particular space.

Pencil drawing of cowboy eating.

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Email me for more information and I can walk you through the process and we can discuss the art you want.